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What we offer

Here you will find our main offerings and some of our best selling services. We offer a variety of different tools and techniques to help you design the life you truly want! 

Quantum Healing/ Empowerment Session

One of the most unique and life changing experiences you can have, that can change your entire perspective on life.

Past and Future Life Regressions

These sessions have been know to release generational trauma and also gives tremendous hope for the future of humanity. 

Discover your
Dream Life course

A truly Unique choose your own adventure course, designed to get you in direct alignment with the life of your dreams! (coming soon)

About World Dreamerz

So happy to have you here!  

Here at World Dreamerz we are committed to assisting you in the creation of your life, one that you wake up excited about, a life of your dreams. 

It doesn't matter who you are, where you came from, or what your current situation is, somewhere deep inside you is a dream, maybe you cant even remember it because its been repressed since childhood when you shared at the family meal that you wanted to be an author, or make a movie, and everyone at the table laughed at you. 

At that moment, you probably made a decision about yourself, and maybe you either said silently to yourself "I'll show you" and are now living that dream life. Or something different took place, and now you are stuck in a rut, unsure of what you even want in life. No matter where you are in this moment, its okay, you are exactly where you are meant to be. 

Stay awhile, and be part of the community that we are building to empower people just like yourself, to get out of their own way, put the past behind them, and move into this beautiful future that we are co-creating here and now! 

The time is now, so let us rise! 

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World of Dreamerz Podcast

Envisioning the World for Humanity

A podcast created for the Dreamers of the World to share their stories and how they created phenomenal dream lives for themselves, and the World around them.

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(Electronic Gemstone Therapy & Compassionate Inquiry)

I am still trying to find words to describe the experience I had during my BQH session with Lindsay.

I went into a relaxation which deepened with time progressing and

I went into it with a mind chatter.
The mind that tried to make some rational sense out of what I was doing.

Despite that, Lindsay managed to relax me and had "myself" move to the side to allow the Higher Self to answer the questions I prepared.

The answers explained much more than I expected. My intention of the session was fulfilled and multiplied. I got clarity about my life, my " whys" and "I don't knows" were met with laser like precision of an answer that resonated profoundly within my whole being.

I, very much, recommend BQH session. Amazing experience and very liberating.

Thank you, Lindsay for making this a safe, gentle, yet incredibly impacting experience!


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