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World Dreamerz

World Dreamerz was born in October of 2018 with the core intention of helping humanity to create and live the life of their dreams!


It has since then evolved and grown, and while we still offer this as our core intention, we have also added many more tools to get you to that place of ultimate fulfillment and empowerment in life. 


Starting from the beginning, we take our clients on a hero's journey, working hand in hand with your inner child and your future self, while simultaneously connecting you with the life of your dreams… Whether you are aware of what that looks like or not, it is okay, we will guide you there. 


With the current state of the World, it is hard to see what is ahead, with so much uncertainty looming in the air, like a thick fog that blanket's humanity at this time, it is hard to dream, not to mention dream BIG.


However we have not allowed this to stop us in our pursuit to make dreams come true, and if you have found us, and are reading this now, please know that you have been led here for a reason.


Whether you become one of our main clients, check out our free content, or choose to be a leader in this budding company, that is a choice that you get to make. And maybe you decide right now isn't the best time, and you come back a few months, or years down the road, when the dust settles, it is all in divine timing. 


Our story is really just getting started, and we will be around for many, many years to come, because we are truly committed to helping you navigate this world, and live your best life. 


No matter what point you are at, we can offer you help in some way, and being ready for a life change is really only one choice away…


So with all that to say, take the next step by checking out our service page, or go through our blog posts, and see what you choose.

This is, at the heart of it all, a choose your own adventure game…
Because Who doesn't love a good game?

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Lindsay Wasut

 Empowerment and Transformation Coach

The creator of World Dreamerz, an Aquarius sun with a huge dream for humanity, Lindsay intends to make the world a better place for the generations to come.


Lindsay is trained in QHHT, BQH, Life coaching and specializes in helping you connect with your child self, as well as your future self, in a deep guided meditation, in order to help give you answers to your life and what your true calling is here.


Lindsay has also gone through great loss in her life, and has experienced many deaths in her life thus far, and can also help you to connect with the ones you love who may not be here anymore in the physical, but they are still here guiding you on your journey (whether you can see them or not)


When she isn't working on World Dreamerz, you can find her outside in nature, going for walks, doing yoga, painting, writing or even playing computer games. She believes life is for fun, and not to be taken so seriously, so she honors this and makes time each day for play. 


To learn more about Lindsay, check out this page here:

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