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Getting ready for your Quantum Healing session!

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Congratulations! You have just begun a new journey, and yes it begins the moment you book your session… If you haven't booked in with us yet, what are you waiting for!?!

At this point you have most likely booked a Quantum healing session with Lindsay, and I know you are super curious and eager about what to expect and how you can prepare for your session.

So, I've put this document together to help you prepare and understand a little bit more of what your session will be like.

Please keep in mind that every session is completely unique and different, and there is no “one way” of doing this! Every session is a gift, and your higher guidance will show you exactly what you need at this point in your life.

Coming to your session with an open heart & mind will speak volumes to the results of your session!

Also, it is very beneficial for you to release any expectations of certain results that you may have towards your session, as we have found that holding tightly to expectations can be rather disappointing.

Your higher self might have something else in mind that has information for you to receive.

Remember that you will only get what you can handle and you will get what is best suited for you at this time in your life.

Releasing any expectations allows you to be completely open to whatever it is “they” want to show you. And I will refer to them in this document and in the session itself.

“They” are a collective of energetic beings who are assisting humanity at this time, they don't have a name as we humans would like and you can really call them whatever it is you want, they don't care what name you give them. Some people call this the collective, the higher realm beings, spirit guides, angels... Oh, there are so many names for them! I usually refer to them as your higher guidance or even the higher self.

Just know that they love you, and want what is best for you. We are working only with only the highest and most Divine Original Source Energy Expressions and Beings. We do not call in anything of low vibration. There is nothing to fear. You are divinely protected and safe.

This is who we will be working with on the day of your session, and of course your own higher self, or higher consciousness. That part of you that is within you that knows everything about you, has all the answers, and can help to release whatever is happening whether that is physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual.

Your Higher consciousness has no limits, it has no bounds and nothing, I repeat nothing is impossible for this higher consciousness to deal with!

It is only your own limitations that get in the way, your belief systems, which can tend to get into the way at times…

There is nothing wrong with having beliefs, I just invite you to look to see if these beliefs are serving you, or hindering you and your life.

For example, one belief ingrained in us as small children is that one has to work really really hard in order to “make it” or be successful in this world, after all you have to earn a living… And while this might seem like a pretty common belief, let me ask if it is serving your highest good? If it is, that's great, and if it is not, then maybe it is time to let that belief go...

Letting something go is not as hard as one might think, and if there is a belief or thought pattern that you would like to let go of, please make it one of your questions for your session. Your higher consciousness has many suggestions that you may never have thought of in order to help you release or let go of these old ways of being.

One of the marvelous things about Quantum healing is that it can help you view your beliefs from a new perspective and rewrite them so that they are more empowering. This is one area I invite you to look at prior to your session, are there any beliefs in your life that may be holding you back?

Another area I invite you to look at is relationships in life, and I'm not talking just romantic ones, I'm talking about your relationships with EVERYONE. Your family, your friends, even your coworkers...

How are they? Do they light you up and make your heart sing, or make you feel less than or small?

The people in our lives make up our world, and they play a great role in us living a great life. Is there someone in your life you just can't seem to get along with? And you’d like to know why?

Or maybe there is a person that you connect with so well and it just seems like you have known each other for a lot longer than this one life.

We can look at all these things in a session, and it can be really surprising what you may discover!

These are all just ideas, and you feel free to do as much or as little preparation prior to your session, this is in your hands, and it is completely up to you.

My role in this is to simply facilitate the session, ask questions, and gently guide you through your journey. Ultimately you are in control, and when given the option, I will always allow you to choose where you go or what you do in the journey.

For an example of what I mean by this- One Client of mine found himself on a mountain looking for wild herbs to make a powerful medicine, I asked him what the medicine did, he told me it was a deep awakening. So from there I asked him if he wanted to try some, to which he said yes, and then he reported it felt like the sun was rising inside him. I was curious then to see what would happen if he took another dose.

So I said, “Now you can choose to take some more of that medicine, or you can carry on your journey back down the mountain.” He chose to take another dose and then he was right inside the sun!!

I use this example because it shows that he was in control of what he did, I merely gave him suggestions to move the story along, and it worked out beautifully for him, as the healing he received inside of the sun was phenomenal!

Before the day of your session

Leading up to your session, please sit down when you have some time and start to consider your intention for the session, as this is something we will be working with the entire day.

Also please write out a list of questions you would like answers to, some areas to look at are, Relationships, Health & wellbeing, finances, career, life purpose, spirituality, mystery topics (such as E.Ts, the ascension, the event)

***You will want to have a well-rounded list of questions, and this is one of the most important aspects of your session. If you come without any questions prepared, the facilitator will have you do it during your session. We cant do the session without questions prepared...

And don't worry, there is no such thing as a bad, or stupid question, and We've both seen it all, so please don’t feel embarrassed if you want to ask a deeply personal question.

On the other hand, please don’t arrive with 100 questions, that is WAY too many! Anywhere between 10-25 is a good amount of questions, although if you have only 5 questions and they are very open-ended, meaning we could go deeper into those areas, then that is fine as well!

Again this is your session and is completely up to you.

Now a few things regarding your session:

  • The night before your session, please refrain from any drugs or alcohol, as it is best to come in with a clear mind & state of being.

  • We will meet at the time we agreed upon, and at this point, we are doing most of the sessions through Zoom, so please have zoom downloaded and ready to go prior to your session. I will be online 5 minutes early.

  • Please note that it is important to have your camera on as well, as we definitely can connect more when we can see each other. This will be a requirement for the session itself, and if you have any issues with this, please let your facilitator know ahead of time and we will figure something out.

  • This is also so that your facilitator can see your body movements and watch for certain signs to know what to do next. If your facilitator cannot see you, it leaves a lot unknown, which makes the job a lot more challenging.

  • 30-60 minutes prior to your session, please do whatever it is you need to do to center yourself, whether that be meditation, prayer, yoga, or a walk outside in nature. Whatever you do to calm your mind. We will also do a short meditation/prayer during your session.

  • Also please have something to eat before the session, and if you are a coffee/ tea drinker, please enjoy a cup, but do not go overboard with it!

What to expect for your session

  • Depending on your arrangements with your facilitator, you will meet on Zoom at the link she provides before your session time, she will send this through email. Technology is a great tool that can be used to reach people all over the world with this technique, not just those in our locations.

  • Please note that it is imperative that no one else attends the session with you, Quantum Healing sessions must be done in private as we tend to hold back when someone else is present in the room. It will only be yourself and your facilitator working together. Also, note that all information you share is strictly confidential.

  • Generally, sessions start in the morning or early afternoon as it tends to be what works best, and we don’t want to feel rushed at all during our time together.

  • You will sit down with your facilitator for a pre-session interview, which gives them the time to get to know you and figure out what's going on in your world, and why you are interested in a session.

  • After that, you will get a chance to go to the washroom before we dive into the session. If you absolutely need to eat something, this is the time to do it. It is best to go into this on an emptier stomach, but also your comfort is most beneficial, so having a handful of nuts or a small bit of fruit can be helpful (if you need to)

  • When you are ready, you will lie down in a comfortable area, a bed is always best, but a couch or massage table works as well. Just as long as you are very comfy that is what we are aiming for here.

  • Your facilitator will guide you through a series of visualizations that will relax you and your conscious mind, allowing your higher consciousness to slowly emerge.

  • Your facilitator will guide you through one, two or three past/future/parallel lives, depending on how long each one takes.

  • Then after that, we will speak directly to your higher consciousness/ higher self which has all the answers. This is the always present part within each and every one of us.

  • Dolores called it the subconscious because it was just below the conscious mind in our waking everyday state of being. (I prefer calling it the higher self, or higher consciousness.)

  • After your session is done, your facilitator will gently guide you back to waking consciousness, also known as the Beta state, and you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • You will then sit down with your facilitator for some time after your session to go over your experience and she will fill you in on what occurred in the event that you cannot remember.

  • We are finding that more & more people can remember their sessions as human consciousness expands, however, like a dream, it can quickly fade after time, which is why you will be provided with a recording of your session. It is highly encouraged that you listen to it often to get the most benefit from it.

  • *However please keep in mind that technology isn't always perfect and due to the energies we work with, it has been known to fail. Meaning your recording doesn't work. This happens very rarely, but has been known to happen and it is unfortunate, but it is also a sign that you were clearly not meant to receive the recording of your session for whatever reason.

  • Once you say goodbye and part ways, it is recommended that you eat something right away which will help you ground back into the physical reality, and also please refrain from having other things to do the evening of your session, it is best to relax and take it easy.

  • Most often people report needing that time to integrate, process and even write down what they experienced. I’ve found through my own sessions I have done, that they are like a dream, and fade quickly upon waking, so I always encourage taking the night off to rest & reflect.

  • Each session typically lasts between 4-5 hours long, so please plan accordingly so you do not feel a sense of urgency to leave.

  • *If something urgent does come up on the day of your arranged session, please let your facilitator know as soon as you can via email.

  • 48 hours cancellation notice is required for full refund. However I get that emergencies can happen, and if something comes up the day of, or the night before, please just send an email and we will work something out. Usually simply rescheduling is the best option in that case.

  • Finally, if you are feeling any fear, worries, or concerns of any kind, please send an email and we can have a brief phone call prior to your session so you can feel confident going into your session.

  • I also completely understand a sense of nervousness on the day of, and that is absolutely okay! It's only if you are feeling some serious fears about your session that I would want to address before your scheduled session.

For further reading, I have compiled a list at the end of this document for you in the event that you want to do more research/ preparation :) Again this is completely up to you how much you want to prepare, you will find this on the bottom of this document.

~ ~ ~

People often say, well what kinds of questions do I write out?

So I have compiled a list of some common questions people have asked, not just in sessions I have done, but in other practitioners' work as well, so take a look at this if you are feeling stuck.

Common Questions people ask during their session

  • What is my life purpose/mission?

  • When will I meet my soulmate/twin flame?

  • Why do I have so many problems in my romantic relationships?

  • Why do I have so many challenges with family?

  • Have I had a past life with my child, husband, wife, friend, parent, etc.?

  • Why do I have ____________ physical problem?

  • Where does this problem originate?

  • What is the purpose of this health issue? What do I need to know?

  • Can I release this health/relationship problem now?

  • What is the most optimal diet for me to eat? What should I avoid?

  • What's stopping me from losing the weight I want to lose?

  • What is my ideal career?

  • What are my innate skills & talents?

  • How can I be more creative?

  • Why do I have an addiction to gambling, drugs, alcohol, food, etc.?

  • How can I overcome & release my addiction to ____________________

  • What can I do for more abundance/wealth in my life?

  • Why have I always been fascinated with aliens and ET's?

  • I want to move to a new location, where is the best place for me to live?

  • What is the Event? What should I know about that? How can I prepare myself & others for this extraordinary event?

  • I had a weird dream/experience and would like some clarity around it.

  • What else do I need to know regarding my life?

  • Is there anything else that I didn't ask that would be beneficial for me to know at this time?

Alrighty, that is all for now!

Come with an open mind, and ready to receive and you will find exactly what is meant for you at this time.

This is an extraordinary journey you are embarking on!

Quantum Healing Sessions are powerful, memorable, and often life-changing…

They are unexpectedly magnificent!

We are greatly look forward to our session together!!

With Love and Light, Lindsay W

Below are a few more documents from a great resource for you to watch or read through:

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