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What is the difference between QHHT & BQH?

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Today, I share about the differences between QHHT & BQH as it is a question I get asked a decent amount, and to be honest, there are not too many differences between these two wonderful modalities and they are both equally powerful in their own way.

QHHT was developed by the late Dolores Cannon, and it is a truly incredible technique. When Dolores taught these courses, the internet was likely a newer thing at the time, and she couldn't have expected or foresaw that it would soon become an everyday tool.

Because of this, she told her practitioners that sessions had to be offered in person, this is a requirement of QHHT- Sessions must be done in person.

BQH was created by a student of Dolores Cannon and is going beyond what Dolores taught, which would allow the practitioners to offer sessions remotely, via zoom, skype, or a phone call. This would open up the whole world for practitioners, instead of just their small town or city.

This I would say is the major difference between the two phenomenal modalities. Sessions can be done remotely with BQH, whereas they must be done in person with QHHT.

Another difference is that with BQH the practitioners are encouraged to make their practice their own, by changing up the script to suit themselves better, and as well, to add other techniques when the client is open, such as reiki, sound & crystal healing, and other modalities, just to name a few.

This allows practitioners to be more creatively unique in their sessions, and really make it their own!

Because of this, BQH is often seen by many as flexible, fun, and unique, as each client that comes is a completely unique experience, and therefore in my opinion so should the practice be.

With that all being said, both modalities still offer tremendous insight, healing, growth, and inspiration. No two sessions are ever the same!!

In my experience, I have had both a QHHT session & a few BQH sessions now, and they have both been deeply beneficial on many different levels.

Hope this helps clear up any confusion regarding what the difference is between QHHT & BQH. Honestly, they are both wonderful and I highly recommend either or, it just might be a bit trickier in these times to find a QHHT in-person session.

With Love and Light, Lindsay

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