The 30 day Summer Adventure Quest

Hey there Parents!

Are you looking for a way to keep your child entertained and engaged during the long summer days?

Are you wanting your child to have a summer they will not forget?

We know summer can be long..... 
And at times maybe even a little boring, and especially now
with Covid-19 our children need something to keep them
entertained during the summer months,
which is why we created this adventure quest!

Adventure awaits!

In this Quest your child will... 

  • Gain new experiences and have adventures

  • Learn new skills and develop their talents

  • Have fun and feel more confident in who they are! 


How does this work?

Each week several new activities or adventures will be unlocked that your child will be able to complete.

Some will be indoors, and others outdoors so your child can pick which one they want to do depending on the day. 

There are several different themes that will change from day to day, some of these themes include: creativity, epic adventures, physical activity, imagination, life skills, nature exploration, ETC.


What is needed for this quest?

A computer, laptop or ipad, anything that has an internet connection to watch the daily videos on.

A package of Chalk, coloring supplies, glue, and a few other materials for art projects. 

*Note that Adult supervision may be required for some of the quests, depending on the age & maturity of the child, and the complexity of each daily quest.

Our focus in creating this is to make the tasks as independent as possible so your child can work on it by themselves, but there will be days when they might ask your for your assistance. 


Goal for this quest

We want to empower your child to feel confident in who they are, and believe in themselves, all while nurturing their creativity, imagination and unique talents.

We also want your child to enjoy their summer months as best that they possibly can!

Our vision for this quest

We have big dreams and we want to inspire the future of humanity to dream big and believe in themselves. Years from now we imagine having thousands of children from all over the world taking these online quests, and your child might be one of the forerunners!

A sneak peak:

We don’t want to spoil all the fun, but for the curious ones out there here are a few of the ideas we have for the daily activities!


  • Sidewalk chalk art: spend some time today drawing some words of encouragement on your sidewalk or driveway for your neighbours to enjoy, or draw a sidewalk obstacle course, or even you could draw a really beautiful picture. Let your imagination soar!
  • Scavenger hunt: Go around your house and backyard and find these items- A noodle, a pencil, a leaf, a stick, a rock, a book, a blanket. Etc… We will be using some of these items later this week to make a craft with, so hold onto the stuff your parents don’t need. (Leaf, stick, rock, noodle, pencil)
  • Create your own board game- Now this is a little bit more challenging, so you might need a little more time today to work on this, you can even ask an adult for help, but your challenge today is to create your very own board game! 
  • Create your own nature masterpiece -using the items you found during the scavenger hunt. 
  • Create your own obstacle course- Today might be a little more challenging and may need more adult guidance, but today your quest is to create your very own obstacle course for you and your friends to play! Get creative, and make it as challenging as you want. 
  • Create your own workout- This will get you moving!! Exercise can begin at any age, and we encourage a healthy mind & body, so today your quest will be to create your very own workout that you can do whenever you feel bored or restless. 
  • Make and send a gift to someone special- Think of someone you love and care about and make a special surprise gift for them. It could be for a parent, or grandparent, a friend or cousin, even an aunt or an uncle. If you want, you could make a few gifts, for a few people in your life. 
  • Random acts of kindness - This can be holding the door for someone, making someone a card or note, giving a toy you no longer want to someone else, or even just smiling at people. A little kindness goes a long way! 
  • Create your very own book, or comic book-
    A fun challenge for those who love to read, but even if reading and words are not your favorite, create a picture or comic book for yourself. 




Well, what are you waiting for?