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  • Reinvent your Life - Ebook

    You know what they say, don't judge a book by its cover. There is so much in this book that will completely improve your life, but only if you make the effort to read it.


    This isn't a long book, it won't take you months to read. In fact, I designed it in a way that could be read in less than a week. One chapter a day, 20 mins a day, and in all honesty, we should be reading about 20 minutes a day if not more! The best investment you can make is in your own self.


    But this book is all about re-creating and transforming your self, and your entire life, something that I have done myself, and now I wish to share what I have learned with you! 


    I wanted to share a summary of what you will find in this book here now. 


    So chapter 1 is about the power of your subconscious mind. Most people don't realize how powerful their minds are, and they construct terrible, limiting and negative beliefs about themselves and reality, and then they have no idea why their lives fall apart. They don't realize how enormously powerful their thoughts and beliefs are, and how they are creating their own reality. This is where we will begin our journey together in recreating your life, as you can do all the other parts of this book, but if your mind isn't on board, you are going to work extra hard to get the results you are after.


    In chapter 2 we will be getting into the power of now, which is a book written by the spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle and is a wonderful book for anyone who is looking to improve their lives. We will discuss powerful ideas about how present moment awareness can transform your life, and its really only in the present now that you can do anything. You cant do something tomorrow, today. You can only do anything in the now.


    In chapter 3 we will discuss a favorite subject of mine, and that is, the magic of thinking big. This goes alongside my entire business, World Dreamerz, as I created it to encourage others to dream big again, and help them have the courage and confidence to go after their dream lives. This book, by David Schwartz, changed my life a few years ago when I read it. I finally began to see the possibilities for my life, and that nothing was impossible! 


    In chapter 4 we will go into the book The Code of the Extraordinary mind, which is one of the most recent books I have read and completely changed the way I thought about the World. The Author, Vishen shares his insights on bending reality to what you want and becoming an extraordinary human. It's an incredible book that I highly recommend! 


    And finally, in Chapter 5, I will share with you one of my all time favorite and most inspiring authors yet, Neale Donald Walsh, author of the conversations with God series, which truly change the entire way I experienced and perceived the creator of all. I will be taking wisdom bits from his entire book series, all nicely displayed in a very expensive book I bought years ago, called The Wisdom of the Universe, which was worth every penny I spent! 


    I have grown and transformed so much from these books, and now I will share what I have learned throughout the years in a book of my own creation! 


    Writing is one of my greatest passions, and when I thought about what I wanted for my dream life, it always came back to writing and sharing my wisdom with the World. I would envision myself at a tropical location, sitting in a little cafe by the beach, writing my latest book, and just smiling at how wonderful life is. 

    That's what you will find in this book and so much more! 


    Thank you and I sincerely hope you enjoy my book :) 


    Namaste <3 

    Lindsay @ World Dreamerz 

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