There is a beautiful World that awaits us

Laughter was heard ringing through the streets as humans emerged from their homes... They had spent several weeks away from each other, in separation and isolation, and now they were finally allowed to come out, and yet something was different. 

They were completely happy for the first time in a long time, and they joined hands with their neighbors and they laughed. 

Happy, Grateful and Free...  

The world looked different than it did before, it was like nothing they had ever seen before. Stunning colors swept the land and there was beauty that was beyond comprehension.

The New Earth was here. 

Humanity had gone through a collective dark night of the soul, many tears were shed for what had been happening on Earth, and they could now finally see the Truth. 

The Truth was that they were all one, and there was no separation. They no longer had anything to fear, as fear itself was merely an illusion.

An illusion that was so strong, and so convincing, that everyone had thought it was real for millennia. It was like a giant puzzle they were all trying for many thousands of years to put back together. 

They had gotten so caught up in what they thought to be real, that they had actually forgotten what was true, and what was real… But now the veil of illusion had been lifted.  

The veil had been lifted, and they finally remembered that love was all there truly was.

A love so strong, a love so deep, a love that was truly unconditional it brought many humans to their knees in complete surrender. 

Surrender to God, to the Divine Creator, the creative source of all life that was within them all along. It was powerful beyond measure, and now humanity knew that it was inside each and every one of them, and it had never left, it was just hidden from them to see if they could return to it. 

And return to it they had, and now they laughed and sang and wept, for they could finally feel the love of creation. It was within each of them all along. 

They had forgotten what love felt like for so very long. It had been lost over time, hidden so profoundly from them as an elaborate puzzle to see if they could indeed find their way home. 

Home to the love of all creation, home to the love of God, the truth of who they are and the love of all life. 

Now they emerged from their homes, and laughter rang through the streets and echoed out into the cosmos...

They finally had realized they were like the toddlers of the galaxy and they were deeply and unconditionally loved, and they also understood that had a very long existence ahead of them, it was the dawning of a new age, an age of peace & prosperity for all, an era that was free from war, famine, pain and suffering.  

They had grown up and had taken their place as divine beings in the universe, and now they rejoiced and joined hands realizing they were all one. They were all in this game of life together. How magnificent it truly was! 

The dark days were now over, and the light had won. Humanity had been through so much pain and suffering, and now it was finally time to love again and to live in joy and peace. 

Peace embraced Mother Earth and she smiled for she loved humanity unconditionally, even after all the pain and suffering she had been put through. 

Peace on Earth had always had been the plan, but so many had forgotten who they were, and in that forgetfulness, they had forgotten what it meant to love and be loved. 

Love was the absolute truth and it was all there ever was, although hidden for millennia, it now embraced humanity who now remembered they were one with all creation, and they were loved like children of the divine source. 

We are loved so deeply, and it’s time now to remember our truth fellow humans. 

There is a beautiful World that awaits us, we just need to remember who we truly are...

It's time to reclaim our divinity and love each other again...

With Love and Light, 
Lindsay @ World Dreamerz

April 7th, 2020

My dear Mother would have been 67 years young today,
I write to honor her memory and the love she had for the people in her life. She will live on forever in our memories, and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her.

Happy Birthday Mom 💖


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